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Heath Moffatt Photography - Luxurious Photography for All Aspect of Life

Heath Moffatt is a gifted and professional Victoria, BC photographer with a very sophisticated and creative eye. Heath's unique approach to capturing still imagery is documented throughout the portfolio pages and features a dedicated focus on photography for some unique subject matter.

Industrial Photography - Capturing the stark, dramatic settings of some of the hard working men and women of industry and trade is a growing sector. Heath's ability to bring industrial imagery through his lens can be marveled at in this portfolio. From shipyards to aerospace mechanics and beyond, imagining your industry in pictures.

Real Estate Photography - You require some exquisite photos of your luxury properties. A quick glance through this section will tell the story of Heath's sophisticated gift when it comes to real estate photography. Contact Heath to discuss a commercial real estate shoot or a residential project. Go beyond simple curb appeal, discover what luxury exterior photography can do for your campaign. Contact Heath today for your luxury interior photography project as well.

Aerospace Photography - Browse the portfolio for some exciting and adventurous air to air photography. Do you run a heli-tourism business? Are you looking to promote a commercial airline or simply want that luxurious touch for a moody and dramatic airfield photo-shoot. Heath is at home in the air and you can see it on display in all of the helicopter to helicopter photos.

Marine & Shipping Photography - When you need aerial shots of cruise ships, large tankers and super tankers or a working dockyard, you'll see Heath's expert eye on display in this portfolio. When you need to promote your maritime business or shipping capabilities, you need to talk to Heath Moffatt.